Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Crossing to Great Guana

And everything started falling apart...
The weather was the first to go. A huge squall cast rain and thunder on us for a while, but we could see on the radar it would only last a couple of hours. Then I notice that it's getting warm in the pilot house, look over at the power panel, and see nothing but zeros. We've lost power... the generator is dead. We're just minutes away from tying up at Orchid Bay Marina on Guana and we'll have shore power so I don't worry too much. We want to show Pete the craziness at Nippers, I figure it's just an impeller, and I have spares...  so off we go to Nippers.

For those of you who don't know Nippers, it's a funky little beach bar that sits atop the hill overlooking the ocean. It's also the scene of the infamous Pig Roast on Sundays where folks from near and far, young and old, gather to eat roasted pig, drink Kaliks, and swill hundreds of gallons of a frozen concoction of many rums and fruit juices aptly named... "Nippers".
The combination of all those things always turns into a huge party and lasts all day.
That's Mel in front of the crowd, arms up and hat on backwards dancing with Lucy and Robby amongst others.

On this day, we met an interesting group of young people from the UK.
Mel, Pete, and I were quietly sitting at a table that was as far away from the action and noise as possible and the kids join us. After a few Nippers we all got to know each other and were sharing stories. It was a lot of fun. One of the kid's, Lucy, father owns and operates an upscale fishing resort at Rolling Bay. The Delphi Club They're all down for holiday and having a blast.
They made for quite an entertaining afternoon.

So after getting thoroughly nipped we said our goodbyes and carted back to Istaboa. The generator problem would have to wait until the next day.

The next morning, feeling a bit fuzzy, I go down to change the impeller only to find it's not damaged. So now what?

Back to Marsh Harbor.... and on the way over, the A/C in our bedroom goes toes up. Life in paradise.

More later.
Much more.