Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Walkabout Bahia Mar

Bahia Mar is always entertaining... There are so many huge Megayachts that boats like Istaboa just disappear. But if you look closely... sometimes you can find a few very interesting vessels.

Like this Mochi. Built in Italy and, though not our kinda boat, it is a floating work of art.

This one is for Hope. Notice how the mirror image of the name has been bleached into the teak decks. A very cool little detail.

This is the tender to a much larger boat; it looks to be a one off custom built little runabout. The picture doesn't do it justice, it's a beautiful boat.

But somehow it doesn't seem very practical here in sunny south Florida. All that black could get a bit hot. Still very cool... maybe at night.

They were having a go fast boat race last weekend and the crews were using the north parking lot of Bahia Mar as a pit.

Wild looking boats were everywhere. Kinda like NASCAR on the water.

Oh Yeah... What would a go fast boat race be without a few of these.

So today Craig and I are doing some upgrades and maintenance on Istaboa. Later we are leaving Bahia Mar and running up New River to Marina Bay.

Till next time...