Monday, March 26, 2012


Along with FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and doubt)... We got a bad case of it. Can't hardly sleep at night
We've lived in this house for almost 20 years, rebuilt it to our specifications, and love every tree and bush, but we're never here anymore. So we're doing the only logical thing. Right? We hope so.
Of course we can have all the FUD we want, we have a contract that makes it a done deal.

Now on to the second cause for anxiety... What to do with the stuff, and it's good stuff.
Do we want to stay in Memphis? Plenty of good reasons to do so. Mother in Law, old friends, and a thriving business, although the latter doesn't need me much anymore and most of what I do can be done online.
If we do keep a place in Memphis we don't want a house... It would need maintenance and yard work which is the reason for selling Rocky Point. We think we want a condo. Maybe one downtown, but that would mean going from total seclusion in the woods to becoming urbanites. Yikes!! Are we too old?
Maybe one in East Memphis, but are we too young for that? I'm not, but in my mind I am.
Maybe one in Florida, we love Stuart, but we're not sure we want to be full time Floridians... not that there's anything wrong with that, we're just not sure.

And so are the days of our lives...

So today we're going to look downtown. Drove around that area Saturday to get a feel and honestly it didn't feel that good to me. Mel liked it because of all the restaurants. She loves to eat out.
To me it seemed a little touristy, but I'm told you learn where to hang with the locals that the tourists aren't aware of. Who knows? We'll know more this afternoon.

One thing we're sure of is... We're ready to get back to Istaboa. We truly love that life.

Some say, "why don't you just become liveaboards"... and we are for most of the year, but we also like a home to come home too. That's one of the things that makes the cruising life so good. When you leave the boat for a while, you can't wait to get back.

Oh well... I'll quit whining. We're lucky to have options, we're healthy, and we have each other... that's what matters. Oh yeah... and two great pups.

Muddy in Montgomery
His first road trip.

Went out to take pics of Radar and Muddy around our yard that's blooming to beat the band. I will post those when I get them processed.
Speaking of blooming, we're both eating Antihistamines like crazy. Being in the tropical climes of FL and the islands allows these Tennessee allergies, that you didn't even know you had, to run amuck.  Pine trees are demons. Give me Palm trees please.

So that's what's up... We'll keep you posted.



Saw this on the net today... This would be interesting in the islands. Could you imagine crossing the Gulf Stream? Better be fast.