Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Obviously, not much going on...

The weather has changed for the better; warming up a bit. The workers are back at it in our front yard and the project seems to be coming along nicely. Other than that, it's pretty quiet around here.
The company business is down due to customers laying off folks instead of mounting new IT projects.
We feel we are doing our part as patriot consumers by funding the undertaking at Rocky Point. The only good thing about this economy is that you can get work done quickly and at far less expense.

Saw this the other day; Tiger Woods came to mind.

We do love to destroy our idols from time to time.

I know... what's this got to do with life on Istaboa?


We're just keeping the lights on in the blog until we get back to Stuart.

I feel a cruise comin on soon. The islands are callin...