Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tied up at the new digs...

... and it seems the blow, or the computer forecasts, have pushed the prediction lines further west into the Gulf of Mexico.

NOAA's forecast is for a Tropical Storm to hit the Keys then form into a Hurricane in the Gulf before making landfall somewhere on the panhandle. Not good news for our friends in that area, but who knows... it's still a long way off and all this prognostication is based on the jet stream staying put.

So here we are in our new slip at the Bluffs in Jupiter.

As you can see it's nicely protected and is a "Hurricane Rated Marina Facility" as stated on their website.
It's different than Sunset Bay. No bands playing every night, not many folks walking around, parking isn't an issue, the dogs can find grass quickly, and absolutely no current in the clear water. We've stayed here briefly in our old boat years ago. It's nice.
Talked to Bart, an old Compass Cay buddy who keeps his boat here, and he says that's the way it is, he's been here for years. We're tied up next to Good Times, a 100+ Hatteras, another boat we were neighbors with at Compass Cay and right behind Adventure, a 62 Nordhavn we met years ago in Orange Beach, Alabama.
I think were all in a big circle and sooner or later we meet again.
So if TS/H Isaac blows itself away, life will continue to be good. We will like this area also. We're about a mile away from where we found and bought Istaboa. Full circle.



Found a nice shot today, done with an iPhone, by one of my Mobli friends from L.A.

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