Monday, March 3, 2014

Like Old Friends Revisited

I love Doonesbury — like a comfortable pair of old jeans that still fit.

Been reading Gary Trudeau's strip since I was in high-school. It seems I've grown up with Michael Doonesbury and his buddies, Zonker, BD, and all the other colorful characters Trudeau brought to life.

These days Doonesbury is on hiatus and the strip is rerunning days past.

This is the first Doonesbury strip ever. October 26, 1970
I don't remember it well... it was the 70s ya know.
All these years, I've kept up. After high school it was sometimes hard to find a newspaper that would run the strip which made it difficult to maintain my habit, but I managed. Now that it's online at Slate, it's much easier to follow on a regular basis.

Mr Trudeau intends to take a leave of absence from drawing "Doonesbury" daily to write and produce a second season of "Alpha House" for Amazon Prime Video. He's still doing new Sunday strips.

Personally, I think it'd be interesting to re-read all the old strips starting from this one until GT returns.

Like going home again.

I can still smell the undeniable aroma of illegal marijuana wafting through my memories.