Monday, September 19, 2011

We're still here...

We're just not up to much that seems blogable.

 Nope, not my pic. Not sure who took it but what a nice shot

Still working on a few projects... Got a new mattress , Yay!, so much better than the old one. Mel and I were actually alternating weeks on the good side of the bed because the bad side would kill your back any longer than that.
Angel, the gel coat guy, has done a nice job of repairing the few little cracks that have annoyed us for years.
Got a fellow who's going to put on a coat of wax on Istaboa to keep the topsides looking shiny.
And... got to pull Istaboa out of the water for a bottom job soon.

That's just the outside... The inside?

We refreshed the salon display with one that has the current HDMI/Ethernet/WIFI connections because we've added Apple TV. We haven't made it all work together yet, but I did stream a trailer of a movie in HD and it looked great. Also it allows us to be able to stream everything from our Itunes music library through the ships sound system and broadcast it anywhere on the boat we like. Wirelessly.... Pretty cool.
Clyde's Cake

Clyde, the dock dog, had his birthday party on Saturday. What an event!
Bob, Clyde's human, brought his new date, Tim. Yes, Tim is a female.
Yesterday we loaded a bunch of us up in the Albury and ran over to the Dolphin Bar for Bloody Mary's and brunch.

So... that's it... big time in River City, but we have to say it's been a nice time.

This morning I came across this article on the net that would seem bizarre, but it's about politics, mobocracy, or both actually... so bizarre is an understatement in reality.

Pirate Party Enters Berlin Parliament After Historic Election Win

Politics appears to have morphed into (and probably always has been) grown-up mutations of children's fairy tales. The Tea Party and the Pirate Party is like a mash-up of Alice in Wonderland and Captain Hook.

Ya think the whole world has Peter Pan Syndrome?  

Or maybe it's those flashbacks we were warned about in the 60s coming home to roost.

Saw this Tea Party furniture at Saks Fith Avenue in Palm Beach en-route to the Apple store.
Kinda trippy, huh?

Oh well, luckily, Crew Istaboa doesn't have to live in that world too often. Hopefully we can keep ourselves insulated. Like going to Dog birthday parties or Junkanoos at Compass Cay.

This morning the rains came early and have already left; now the sun is coming out. It's gonna be one of those sauna days.