Thursday, June 27, 2013

Today's Pic

Looking at this pic, I remember it was a damn hot, hazy day on the Chesapeake and the wind was blowing pretty good from the mouth of The Rappahannock River giving this sailboat a nice close reach with a good head of speed.
I'd noticed him off in the distance a couple of miles away and he was quickly approaching our starboard side.

Closer and closer he sailed directly towards our starboard. It appeared he was attempting to catch us and kept adjusting course and pointing in our direction, even as we motored at 9 knots. I thought he just wanted a look, but as he came within sight I could see someone standing on the bow waving his arms. Soon I could hear the cussing; ranting something about the right of way. My taking pictures seemed to send him back to the cockpit, but as we let him pass ahead of us, the whole crew gave us the one finger wave.
Finally figuring out the problem... we were dirtying his air.
Serious sailors on the Bay.