Friday, April 3, 2009

Nassau revisited

Once again we are in Nassau. Our problem has been fixed so we now have a guest head for all of our friends who may be interested in visiting.
We have found that contrary to popular belief, you can find about anything here. I had parts shipped in only to find out the servicer I used was a dealer and had them in stock. From clothes to gourmet groceries can be procured and the prices are not that bad... sometimes better than the states.

That's why this is a major re-provisioning stop for many of the large yachts like these.
We had seen the above sailboat at Little Pipe Cay during our harrowing dingy ride back from Sampson. She's a beauty. Well over 100' ; she has a crew of 6.

This boat stops at Compass often and is a major sucker-upper of internet bandwidth while there. Oh well... Net neutrality huh... We met the crew and they were nice young folks.

I just threw this picture in because... she's beautiful. Looks to be an old Trumpy restored but we're not sure. She was coming in to Higborne Cay Marina for the night.

So anyway..... Nassau has been fun again. We got hiking sandals for the many trails we found. We got wetsuits for snorkeling at Warderick Wells. (It's still a bit chilly) We are loaded up with supplies for the Compass Cay Crew. We now have two heads. (bet that sounds funny to you non-boater types) And... last but not least we bought some fancy Rum from the Bacardi store that supposedly you cannot buy in the USA. (Tried some last night and it's really good. (I'm thinking Cuban Cigars...))

Tomorrow's weather looks like a go... so.... We are heading south to pick up where we left off.

Be back when we find bandwidth.