Sunday, December 9, 2012

Just a funny pic

Monkey loose at IKEA... Nice coat!

Boat launch gone wrong...

... this should go on the Marine Services Review.

Pic O' the Day

 Three pics to be exact... Earnestine and Hazel's redux
I wanted to go back to do a few more shots of the place just because it's so funky and colorful, So, I load up my big camera and off we go to have some burgers and beers and take a few pics.
Yeah, while there... we had the possibility of a paranormal experience. It just depends on who you ask.
While we were upstairs taking these pictures, I'm focusing in on one of the smaller rooms and behind me in a dark corner, a stack of trays, covered in cob webs, that appears as if they haven't moved since the place was last painted come crashing down. I laugh and say, "Ghosts", and Mel still believes it's so.
Me, being a skeptic, thinks it could be Russell the owner set it all up, or just—Shit Happens.
Russell later tells Mel that it was definitely one of the dearly departed girls up there, he points at me an says, "They like musicians, they were just playing with 'em.".
Russell lives upstairs and often tells stories about the ghost turning on the juke box and playing some of the old 45s.
Many folks truly believe the place is haunted; of course many folks believe in Big Foot.

Who knows? If I were a ghost, I would hang out here.



ps... a talented photographer named David Taylor... no relation, has done a nice gallery of photos from our hood... If you want to visit, Click here