Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Back in Highborne with Exodus

So we left Compass and made the short run to Highborne.
All the crew at Compass gave us a shopping list of things to bring back. Everything from Tequila to Turkey.
When we got to Highborne our friends Arnie and Susan were already there and invited us over for cocktails.
We first met Susan and Arnie a few years back in Eleuthera; at anchor in the harbor at (the now and forever changed) Royal Island to be exact. Susan had instigated a dingy party for all the boaters in the harbor. She took her dink out in the middle and dropped anchor and everyone else dinked over with their drinks and goodies and rafted up to her. A good time was had.
We seem to be connected to these folks in a six degrees of separation sort of way... but I guess if you do this long enough all us cruisers are.
They are heading back to Royal Island and we are heading to Nassau so we said our "See ya laters". We are sure our paths will cross again.

So for now...



Happy 15th Anniversary

We beat the odds and quite a few competitors also.
I'm proud to say we did it the right way.

Food of the Gods

"Octopus in garlic sauce? Hmmm...", I thought as I stood in the isle at the grocery store in Nassau where I was looking for Sardines. "Could it be any good?"

It Was!! Now we are back in Nassau and I will pick up some more. This will definitely be added to my Foods of the Gods list.


Wow!! What a SportFish.

When things got quiet after everyone left Compass we saw this yacht pull up. She's looks to be about 110 feet and is a stunner.
As we were walking Radar late that afternoon we decided to wander over and take a closer look. They had a crew of 5 and they were all busy at either cleaning the days catch or cleaning the boat. They had some nice Wahoo.
The owners stepped out of the cabin to talk and were very friendly. They told us her name is Contigo and the boat was custom built in Seattle and shipped over here. They said they were from Nassau.
We later found out the people we were talking to are the Bacardi Family. Yep... The owners of Bacardi Rum. Nice down to earth folks.
You never know who you will meet on Compass Cay.