Monday, June 18, 2012

Finally broke out the real camera...

...and found some really nice pics.

The first couple are from Atlantis and even though it does feel like Disney World, it's still pretty spectacular.

The next morning we moved on to Highborne Cay. They were booked totally so we dropped a hook out front, dinked in, and took the pups in for a walk.

That night, as stated in the previous post, was a stunning sunset, but around midnight a storm moved over the top of us and just stayed there for couple of hours. Winds puffed to 40k, but mainly around 25K and the anchor held fine.

Got some nice shots before the sun went down.

I really like the last one. So blue! That's the way it came out of the Nikon... no juice.



First night n the Zoomas

A beautiful sunset followed by huge storm.
Have a real camera pic of this shot that I haven't downloaded.