Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jammin on Compass Cay

I can't believe it... I actually got out my old guitar and played and sang a bit last night. We had a little impromptu jam session at Happy Hour. The other fellow playing is Hal onboard Blue Gil. Hal is very good. It was fun and we didn't sound too bad at times. Everyone on the dock got a kick out of it. Even Tucker seemed to enjoy himself.

The wind has been blowing like hell here for a few days and Compass is nicely protected. So we have enjoyed our safe harbor here.

Yesterday we took the dink over to Sampson Cay via Pipe Creek. It was pretty rough crossing pass the inlet so after a nice lunch we decided to go back taking the safe and long route.
That was not a good idea. The winds had really picked up while we were on Sampson and we got the crap beat out of us. Then as we were trying to negotiate some short cuts our new little Garmin Chartplotter lost satellite signal.
If you're not familiar with these little Cays; they all look alike and can be a bit confusing. But we managed and arrived back to Istaboa safely but very wet.

A lot of the dock folks left today heading south. We have decided to make a quick run back to Nassau to pick up a part for the head system. But for now we are just going to kick back and enjoy the natural beauty and serenity of Compass Cay.