Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day after day...

It seems that the ongoing saga of caring for loved ones has been getting us down lately. We really miss our time aboard Istaboa and the characters we meet while traveling.
Just last week our German friend, Thorsten, called to inquire as to our whereabouts. It seems he and Deter are heading for the Dominican Republic and wanted us to buddy boat along on their trip. Would have been a great experience; but...

Made me go back and check out an old slide show from our trip back in 2007. I enjoyed it so much that I have posted it below. Hope you all enjoy. It was a great cruise.

Cut from our old blog
Left Tennessee, took the waterway down to the Gulf of Mexico, crossed the Gulf, went down to the Keys, up to Ft. Lauderdale, across the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas, across Little Bahama Bank to the Abacos, hung out there and had a great time, then turned around and reversed the whole trip. That's it... The whole rambling trip in one rambling sentence.