Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gone fishin' part 2

It was a beautiful morning, though the "red sky at morn" thing was in the back of my mind. The winds were light and the run out to sea was smooth as glass.
With the sun coming up on our bow and the moon going down on our stern we made way out the cut and started fishing for bait.

Waterspout as the sun rises.

Then out a few miles in the ocean we spotted a waterspout. It seemed to be heading away from us so, no big deal.

We had a tough time catching bait but finally did put a a few Cigar Minnows and Sardines in the bucket.

Turned out to be a very interesting day of fishing. We added it up and we had caught 11 different species of fish... including 2 different kinds of sharks. But we were after Black Sea Bass.

Rock Fish? ... very peculiar what ever it is.

Our first drop and we found them. We caught them by the dozens but returned most because of size. They are really a delicious fish. A few Vermilion Snapper, a few Black Sea Bass, and a nice Strawberry Grouper made for a nice catch, all before noon.

We love these little Bass and Snapper but they are a chore to clean.

But clean them you must. Pull up a bucket, grab a knife and a cold beer, and get to work. The fruits of our labor proved to be delicious and well worth the effort. We are still eating them... never freeze good fish. Eat till they're gone.

Another good day amongst many.