Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Codi from Compass

Codi is a fellow Compassite. She is back in Austin, Tx now and was nice enough to send us this pic of Mel, Radar, and herself. She and her boyfriend Brad along with Sidney and Alysha joined us at the famous Compass Cay happy hours every day.... Which went kinda late some nights. Very nice folks. Hope to see them again next time.
We are looking forward to Long Island but we miss Compass Cay. So does Codi and the gang.

Thanks Codi,



We arrived in Georgetown a couple of days ago. The run down was not bad; just wet as we had seas on our bow. We anchored out from Stocking Island and all was well. It was a quiet night and I only got up once to check our position to be sure the anchor was holding. It did.
Got up the next morning and the wind had picked up a bit but we were sort of protected so it was OK. 
Took Radar to the beach for a walk and discovered that, according to the gauge I was almost out of fuel. This is strange because I have a large tank and have not used the dink that much. So...
Did someone steal it in the night or is my gauge wrong??... or am I crazy and we have used the dink more than I remember?  Anyway, it is what it is. I need fuel.

For biz reasons we needed internet and the Marina in town was available so we took a slip at Exuma Docking Services. 

Georgetown is an interesting place. During the winter it is totally taken over by Sail Boaters (for the most part) and they create a rather unique style of transient society. They are mostly gone now as they leave in early spring but there are a few left over. They are typically friendly but you feel a sense of resentment wafting across the anchorage when we use fresh water [we have a watermaker] to wash off the salt on the boat. We normally offer up ice as a peace offering. They normally accept it with a smile.
If some of you don't know.... Typically, Sail Boaters and Power Boaters are a bit like cats and dogs. We, by nature, are not supposed to get along. We were once Sailors but that doesn't matter because to some we are traitors. We don't feel that way.

Some of the locals are less than friendly because they think we are all trying to get something for nothing. Again they will go into that patois speak when we ask questions. Oh well.
It took me all day and a long walk to register for internet. Then it would not work. When I called Tech Support I was told just keep trying it might work. I asked if I could get a refund if it didn't and he told me no. NO REFUNDS. I told him that was a very clever business plan and that we hope it works for him.

As you can see it does work now... kinda. But sorry no pics. It doesn't work that well.

All in all...  it was a less than great day. But it's the Islands Mon. Sometimes paradise bites a bit.

We have a weather window to run to Long Island tomorrow but not sure if we are going to take it yet. It's a small one day of lite winds then picking back up for a few days. We will see then will let you know.

As I write this the Cruiser's Net is on the VHF radio. The Cruiser's net is a organic radio program organized by the inhabitants on boats in the harbor. 
Weather, local business, and items of concern are announced and discussed. At this moment they are announcing the latest episode of the on going saga of Reggie the Rat. This is a rat hiding on some boat that has managed to remain hidden and alive for months. Every morning they add another episode of Reggie the Rat.

Until later.