Monday, September 23, 2013

Walkabout... Solomons Island

I like doors. Especially old funky ones that look as if they won't open.

The weather's been beautiful and the folks around here are very cool. It's all about boats around here.
We've made friends with folks who live next to the Yacht Club where were staying. They've got a great house, overlooking the harbor, and a fenced in courtyard with grill and a fireplace. We had cocktails last night with a fire. They also have a little Havanese, Gus. The boys are lovin' hangin' out with Gus and the freedom that John's and Monica's courtyard has allowed them.

A few doors down is a freaky little antique shop. I guess that's what you would call it. Lots of crazy stuff. Even found an old Kris Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge LP that's in really good shape.

Like I said... some crazy stuff.

Lots of events going on yesterday... The Watermen's Boat Parking Races (yes, that's what I said.) was a big deal. (pics later)
After wandering around snapping pics we ended up on 'Bittersweet'. Yet, some more new friend's sailboat for an impromptu concert that included a guitar, a banjo, and a Cockatoo. (I don't make this stuff up.)


So... Solomons has been a trip... and we're not done yet.

Thanks for checkin' in.



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