Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting Istaboa back in shape

After a long stay in the Chesapeake and a very long run south down the ICW, we're slowly getting Istaboa back in 100 point condition or as close as we can anyway.

Spent the whole day in the engine room. Having a white engine room is very impressive unless you haven't had time to keep it white. Everything shows up. After today's scrubbing, it's all sparkling white again.

Tom Sawyer (yep, that's his real name) is returning the exterior to a new boat shine. Tom is known amongst Nordhavn owners, especially here in Stuart, as the best one can get to restore a boats finish.
He has lived up to his reputation.

That's what we boaters do... Clean them up, then go out and mess them up, so we can come back from somewhere and clean them up again... vicious cycle, huh?

Anyway... found this today.
It's from a slide show that's full of very interesting old photos of days gone by.
Click here... Picassoswoman's slide show
Plus... you gotta do this, click here... Neave Strobe