Sunday, November 30, 2008

A bit blustery

The wind has really picked up this afternoon and has not let up yet. 25 to 30 knots. Lots of loopers arrived today and it was kinda crazy while trying to help them tie up. But all's well that ends well. No blood or loss of digits.

I saw this amazing picture today on the internet. Starry Night by Van Gogh. You have to follow the directions. Someone went to an awfully lot of trouble. But it is beautiful.



Sunday Morning

Radar soaking up some rays in San Destin

Red skies at morn... Sailor be warned.
This shot was at 6:30 am leaving Bay Towne
And yes it was foggy and rainy all the way from San Destin to Panama City

One of our great pleasures on Istaboa is to wake up on Sunday morning and savour our coffee while watching CBS's Sunday Morning. It's always enlightening, spiritually uplifting, and serves up the most positive stories one can find on network TV news.

On our last post I ranted a bit about what's wrong with society. Yes... I still think a portion of us have been dangerously led astray by whoever or whatever. But, this morning's broadcast demonstrated that we can be kind and good. Thanks CBS for bringing these stories to our attention at such disparaging times.

Good news stories

A local football coach, he never went to college and doesn't have any teaching or administrative credentials. Yet the school he conceived and runs, the Ginn Academy, is one of the most successful public schools in Cleveland.
For the full story click here

Other stories told of a 17 year old Concert Violinist named Jourdan Urbach who as founder and director of Children Helping Children has raised 1.5 million dollars to date for children's disease research.

Another was about an artist who through his art and teaching gives back the sense of worth to elderly and homeless folks.
"I came to Boston to die, not to live," says 81-year-old Peter Phelps. Phelps, who had been diagnosed with lung cancer, gave away all of his worldly possessions and moved from Springfield, Mass. to Boston to enroll in a clinical trial. Through a tragic misunderstanding, he ended up homeless, and spent 18 months living in a shelter.
He is now cancer free and donates the proceeds from the sale of his art back to the organization that gave him a home and helped him back on his feet.

Then there was the story that the sky really is falling.
On this day in 1954 a meteorite slammed through an Alabama woman's roof, striking her on the hip. The good news was that she was only bruised and she sold the meteorite for a lot of money that she needed to repair the roof.

Today we are in Panama City at Bay Point Marina. We see some of the loopers we traveled down the waterway with here. It's raining on and off, so it will be a good day to lay around the boat and watch football.