Thursday, June 30, 2016

Found An Old Photo

One of my first digital pics.  Taken while visiting New York City... ages ago.

Thought it fitting — here and now.

It's amazing what one finds when cleaning junk out of the boat.

A laptop full of old pics from the late 90s, an unboxed Jabsco water pump, Nobeltec VNS 5 (circa 1999), an original The Capn' CD, pirated Maptech Charts of the world on CDs, DVD of Captain Ron, brand new Fisher Panda fuel pump, zincs, zincs, zincs, filters, filters, filters, and that's just from one afternoon. All out of a box I had removed from the previous Istaboa; almost 12 years ago.
Today's another day.

Today? What's in that gray plastic bin in the back of the Laz?