Friday, November 8, 2013

Make A Great Dingy

Jet Capsule

Like a Smart car for the sea, this 23-foot Italian made Micro Yacht gets you and a few friends on the open ocean for a fraction of the cost of those big rigs. The Jet Capsule is also well-equipped:  the dining area converts to a bunk plus there are options like a compact kitchen, & even a private bathroom. via

Though it would look a bit odd

Happy Friday...

For some — .

Have a nice weekEND.

Today's Pics

Are from Baltimore.

The outside of Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

So, it appears we may stick around Daytona an extra day or so. Seems those northers have really picked back up.
I just looked out and noticed there were no lights or motion amongst the pack of boats we've been traveling with since Fernandina... the last place we got stuck.
Got a feeling everybody might be takin' a dirt day.
Oh well... need to make a few phone calls and do some biz anyway.