Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ship of faith... now Beacon Won

 Captain Bruce Dunham showing the plans for Beacon Won

A few days ago we did a post about, our friend and fairly benign pirate, Capt. Bruce of the Bahama Star, well it seems there's much more to the story of his soon to be launched vessel than we knew.

The Bangor Daily News published this endearing tale of a man's faith in God and the building of his dream.
Cut from the Bangor Daily News:
ADDISON, Maine — There are times in everyone’s life when patterns emerge, or coincidences become too frequent, or disparate series of events are inexplicably linked. Some raise their eyebrows and call it chance, while others credit divine intervention.
Such is the story of a 65-foot two-masted wooden schooner being built in Addison by a band of volunteers who believe it was destiny that brought them together and their belief in God that will launch their vessel.
 Click the title to read the whole article and hear Capt. Bruce tell his story in a video. I'm sure you'll find it quite interesting, especially for those of us who've had the pleasure of experiencing Bruce.

Volunteers finishing ship inspired by man’s faith in God