Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just another day on the Tenn-Tom

Yes, our beloved Tenn-Tom waterway.
One of those love/hate rivers... Love it for us inland boaters, but what a crooked, boring, yet sometimes treacherous waterway to deal with, especially in a flood.
Many of you have seen these pics; this happened in 1979, just below Demopolis, Alabama.
But, for those who haven't, this is what happens when you can't make the bridge properly, you're southbound, and the flood waters are running at about 7 knots. Unstoppable.

Check out the onlooker's hat.... Is that Bear Bryant?
More pics and the story inside

Nothing new to post

Except that we have finally recovered from Talk like a Pirate Day and the ugly loss for the Tennessee Titans... and what was up with the SF 49ers.... How many times can you give a game away and still only lose by one point? The Saints did seem to have the divine intervention thing going on last night.

Things are about the same on the mother front, which means we are still on hold for a return to Istaboa and our previous lifestyle. So.....
A funny instead.

Maybe a little soup will help—