Friday, June 22, 2012

Jours Pluvieux dans le Paradis

Wow... not bad for an old man from Arkansas.
Rainy Days in Paradise is what we've been having. Can't complain though and if I did no one would listen,

It's kinda nice anyway... Good excuse to watch a movie or two and not feel guilty about not getting out to enjoy all this blueness.
Yesterday a huge squall popped up and stopped several boats from leaving the marina's harbor. The winds were blowing 35 knots and the rain was blinding.

These three boats are from Louisiana and always travel together, we met them last year.
It was kinda comical, from our standpoint, watching them trying to drop anchors, not run into each other, and not run aground. Glad we were tied up and not in the middle of all that.

So in between squalls we walk the dogs as quickly as we can in anticipation of another thunderstorm.
I did a couple of videos with my iPhone for my Mobli friends. Folks from all over the world are watching these Exumas videos I post on Mobli and really getting a charge out of them.

Today, the rains have relented a bit and we're taking Tuck's boat over to Staniel Cay to pick up some grocerys. I hope we don't get caught in a squall on the way, but if we do... It's fresh water and won't kill us.
The pups really like it when we let them run around free range in the rain. This is a very dog friendly marina. As long as your dogs are cool, they can wander around leashless. If they're not... you'll know.

So, that's it.  Jours Pluvieux dans le Paradis... Rainy days in Paradise.