Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just —Crew Istaboa— again

It was nice having Karen over for a few days... Gets us up and doing stuff. We had a lot of fun (sometimes too much) running around in the Albury, snorkling, harvesting conch, and other island type things. (Rum)

The first day we rode over to one of the many deserted beaches and dropped anchor. Got a nice shot of the Albury. The color of the water matches the hull color. That's Lily's Villa on Compass in the background.

The girls wanted to do some shelling and Radar was up for a swim. The wind was blowin pretty good so I stuck around the boat just in case the anchor pulled.

Later that night we  prepared the Spider Crab that Jamal had kindly given us. They're really good. We've never had Spider Crab before; very sweet and tender and big. Look at that claw.
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