Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nope... still in Stuart

Bet some of you have thought we made a break for the islands.  No, not yet.
Been having such a good time here in Stuart and the Treasure coast that we've decided to hang for a while. You know how we are with plans and we need to finish up some tax stuff.
The weather's been excellent, nice days of runnin around in the Albury, and —all in all— just a calm and enjoyable atmosphere. Why try and improve on that? After reading some of our friend's island blogs, the wind is huffin to beat the band out there, so... we don't think we're missing much... we stay put for now.
I want some of what's in that blue jug. (Actually, I think I did a few nights ago)

Anyway, we just thought we should check in.
Found an interesting Twilight landing video. Great sound track
Watch it on page 2