Friday, July 31, 2009

Heading north

So Andy at the Nordhavn office in Stuart, FL told us about a marina there offering an introductory rate. We checked and, yep, it saved us over a thousand bucks a month. Off we went.

Squeezing out of New River is always a trip and this time was no different.. but we made it without incident. Looking over our shoulder at Ft Lauderdale as we headed out through Port Everglades we could see the city being pounded by a storm. We left just in time.
Our luck held out as we made way north to Palm Beach's Lake Worth inlet. We could see heavy rain and severe lighting from a huge storm right in front of us for the whole trip but a bit of rain was all we felt. Then the sun came out as we tied up at Old Port Cove in N. Palm Beach.
All in all it was a pretty good day for us.

There were scuba divers everywhere along the way and because of the storm we couldn't understand why the tourist would subject themselves to such conditions. Later we found out it was a two day Spiney Lobster mini season. That explains it.

Today we head for Stuart via the ICW (Which I hate) and Sunset bay marina. It looks nice on the internet -floating docks- and it's brand new. We shall see.