Tuesday, January 5, 2016

72º @ 26º

It's nice to be back — the sound of the surf pounding the beach and winds blowing Northish — perfect temps along with ocean scents make being home a pleasure.

We did enjoy our time back in funky old Memphis.

Friends, food, music... a great hang.

Traditions stand:

Ralph always smokes us a Turkey and a couple of slabs of Ribs.

Earnestine and Hazel's Soul Burgers on Christmas Eve and Gumbo with Catfish at Blue City Cafe on Beale St. early New Year's Eve.

Our last night in town was capped off in true Memphis style with one last Soul Burger and a couple of sets of The Earnestine and Hazel's House Band featuring old-old friend Willy Bearden pickin' and singin'.

And... we added to our art collection with new piece by neighbor and running buddy, John Robinette.
We should know better than to walk into John's studio, but the new painting does look perfect in this spot.

So, once again we found old Memphis to be a great hang; there's no place like home.

But, there's no place like home as I take a deep whiff of salt air, my sinuses clear, and a relaxed smile forms on all our faces. (Conflicted?—No, fortunate.)

Here's to a healthy and fulfilling 2016.