Sunday, August 9, 2009

Great Siberian Sushi Run update

Well... That adventurous group of Nordhavn's has made it to Japan. What a sense of accomplishment they must be enjoying.

But sadly, when Sans Souci was checking in they ran afoul of Customs. Some problem with paperwork and their dog Shelby. This would be very upsetting to put it mildly.
Cut and pasted from Sans Souci's blog: ARGH! He brought out a steel cable, attached it to Shelby, affixed it to a barstool in the boat’s salon, and said she would have to stay chained until we could get an original form, from Olympia Washington, properly filled in and stamped.

Hopefully this problem has been resolved by now and Shelby is free to be with her peeps in Japan.

Our congratulations to the folks of the Great Siberian Sushi Run. Salute!