Saturday, February 23, 2013

What Is Hip?

Well... watch the video.  This young fellow will not only explain "hip", but he'll recite the history of this intangible and elusive attitude that is the phenomenon known as "hip". Hep Cats to Hippies to Hipsters.
(I remember, as a kid from Arkansas; once I figured out what was hip, it wasn't hip anymore.)

This is just one short blurb from a series of YouTube videos that are cleverly produced little glimpses into the underexposed lifestyles — or subcultures — hiding in plain site amongst us.
Everything from Sushi Chefs to Barbers, from Superheroes to Sneaker Collectors are examined in these entertaining and illuminating little vignettes brought to you by Trash Lab and titled, The Subculture Club.
(Yes... Ashton Kutcher is the Executive Producer.)

Hmmm... we cruising boater types are an odd lot... maybe...?

It's short and worth the bandwidth. (Skip the add.)


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