Sunday, February 8, 2009

FT Myers ArtFest

It was a beautiful day Sunday; so the three of us walked downtown to Delicious Things . A really good brunch. Then we strolled thru the ArtFest to enjoy all that was there to see. I got these pics of some of the really nice art on display then came back to the boat and Photoshopped the crap out of em. I think I got some pretty cool looking stuff.

I alway ask permission before I snap.

Once again, Radar was the star, but alas, he's tiring of his fame. So many folks keep reaching out to pet him that he is becoming annoyed. Can't blame him really. He doesn't snap but he does grumble at bit. It's hard out here for a pup.
And there were pups everywhere.

I love digital photography.

Best laid plans...

Yes... we have said this before and yes... we, again, have postponed our departure from Ft Myers for a few days.
We really like it here and there are a few events coming up we'd like to participate in. The marina is having an appreciation party and they've been kind enough to invite us.
Yesterday we walked downtown to have lunch at Hideaway Sports Bar. The Carolina style pulled pork sandwich was really good. (We are sure our Memphis BBQ friends don't like to hear that.)
Radar was welcome to have a seat at this restaurant. He quickly became a star as Mel and I, along with our friend Jerrry from "Expensive Habit", had lunch. Jerry is a Man about Town here in Downtown Ft Meyers.
Lots of folks out on this beautiful day with the Arts Festival going on. We walked through the festival and heard a fellow, Bob Culbertson, playing a Chapman's Stick. A very interesting and beautiful sounding instrument.

Click the image to see and hear Bob play.
It's really beautiful.

So all in all... It was a very nice day.
Today is Sunday and it looks like another beautiful day. I am sure we will find something else interesting to get into.

More later.