Monday, June 27, 2011

Island dogs

Seems every year there are more and more boaters bringing their dogs to the islands.
Dock and Bumper on NoMoYdWk

Don't know a name, but couldn't resist snapping a pic of this one watching as the bow line is being tied. There were two of these guys... the other ran to the back to watch the stern being secured.

Of course we can't leave out Radar. He loves going to the beach to run, but he knows beach day is bath day so he makes the most of it. Not sure why dogs like to wallow in the sand, but they all seem to.

 And Sugar... aka "Suggie". The singing dog.
This is not a good picture of Suggie and he was our favorite pooch on the dock. A true comedian that everyone loves. This picture was of Suggie being held by his human Thelma as he was singing happy birthday. He loves to sing.
Suggie is a resident here at Compass who's enjoying a bit of a respite in Virginia right now.
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