Friday, October 26, 2012

More video of Hurricane Sandy... from Over Yonder Cay

Duncan Hipkin!! You did a great job of holding yourself upright against hurricane force winds long enough to do this video.
Duncan's vantage point was on Over Yonder Cay.
This is also on Pipe Creek, just across from Wild Tamarind.
onSpot wifi was supposed to be there today to repair the communications gear that was recently damaged by lightning; there may be much more to repair after the last couple of days.

Amazing video!

Thanks, Duncan.

Hurricane Sandy's passed the Exumas

Sandy seems to have caused minimal damage.

According to a Nassau Guardian Article, Staniel Cay and Black Point sustained little damage and no injuries.
So, I guess all is well in our Pipe Creek neighborhood. The Internet is up and working at Compass Cay.
That's a good sign.

While searching around I found this video of our beautiful neighborhood to the south.


And... this interesting, though not overly exciting, video of the International Space Station passing over Sandy as she was doing her thing to the Exumas.

Meanwhile in Jupiter, Istaboa is tangled up in a spider's web and hopefully secure, Crew Istaboa is snug as a bug in Memphis.

The weather here is changing as we speak and has gone from a sunny 82 yesterday, to a rainy 49 right now at 8:00 AM and not to get much better today.

Time to start thinking about heading home.

Pic O' the Day

Full Moon above Lily's 
Compass Cay