Friday, August 2, 2013

Today's Pic

Deltaville in the rain.

Seems so peaceful, who would have thought that just a quarter mile around the bend were 25 knot winds and 4 to 5' wind rollers. Certainly not the dock manager at Regatta Point.
When I visited the office to sign us in, I asked about the weather. He pointed to a printed NOAA forecast that stated the seas were 1' or less. I scoffed at the report.
"Maybe inside Broad Creek where the marina is located, certainly not in the bay.", I laughed. I don't think he believed me.

He said that two small sailboats had just left.

As we were approaching the Rappahannock River, we saw the only other pleasure boats on the bay... those two sailboats. They were having their asses handed to them and at one point I thought they were headed back. I guess they thought it best to take it on the nose vs turn around in that mess and deal with the following seas. It appeared that they were scurrying to a marina around the point. They were having an exciting day, for sure.

Ah, the life of leisure we Yachtista's enjoy.
Cocktails, sunshine, and Jimmy Buffet singing in the background. All the time.