Friday, March 2, 2012

Muddy Report 3-2-12

Well, it seems like the boy's alright. He's quite the social little creature; loves children, loves other dogs, loves pretty much anybody who'll pay attention to him — and that's about anyone who sees him because he's so cute.

Won't run far from our side as we walk him and Radar in the park, but he doesn't like this bright Florida sunshine. I think it hurts his eyes, he doesn't have a hair visor like Radar's yet.
Like Radar he loves the warm water and doesn't mind a bath too much.

Yes, he's even starting to win Radar over. Radar actually played with him for a few minutes.

I know, we go on and on, but the first few months of a pup's life with his new family is pretty much full time training and it's very important (and time consuming) to do it correctly if you want a happy and well adjusted family member. We've raised a lot of dogs.

So anyway... That's what we've been doing.

Mary and Cleevey, our good friends from Memphis, stopped by a few nights ago and we had a very tasty lobster dinner at Sailor's Return. They're in for my big birthday party in New York City so those plans are starting to firm up.

I've been putting Istaboa in ready to run mode. Not much to fix, just things I want to try on the next trip.

So that's it.... Puppies and chores... and friends.

Life is good!