Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

 Potlucks at Sunset Bay are always delicious
Fresh meat!

So today is Halloween and the folks at the marina are making the most of it. Though Crew Istaboa has never been big Halloweeners, somehow we have been named judges for the Officially Santioned First Annual Sunset Bay Marina Halloween Chilli Cook Off. Not sure why we were selected, but we weren't able to wiggle out of it, so judges we are. So now I google how to be a chili cook off judge. Hope I find a hit.

Below are a couple of Spooky videos.
Check out the big apple in the first one... That's the scary part. Why is a huge apple on the beach?

The scariest is the Great Pumpkin... Funny! Surprised he wasn't smoking a cigarette.

If it's in your plans, we hope you have a fun Halloween.



Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's finally over — over there!

Stewart is so funny... unless you don't think so... huh?


Not much going on with crew Istaboa. FLL boat show coming up so we think we will go to the Nordhavn owners gathering for a drink or two.
Big Halloween Chili Cookoff here at the marina... With costumes? That should be interesting.
The mooring field is starting to fill up which means this place should start getting lively. Fun, but we will miss the quiet and solitude.

So that's it.



Saturday, October 22, 2011

The meaning of life... 42?

You iphone users will love this...

A Duet With Siri. (if you don't know what Siri is, click here)

But wait!  There's more

Jonathan Mann... is a trip.

Song A Day #1019

Friday, October 21, 2011

Dude kayaks with whales in California

Credit: Rick Coleman
From 10/8/2011. A whale lunge feeding right next to the Kayak, plus some underwater footage. While the lunge feed was heart pounding excitement, I found that seeing one undewater was relaxing and peaceful. Was an awesome day!!! Some of our underwater photography can be seen at

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

That's a lotta boats

 (From Huffington Post)
Nearly 2,000 boats made their way through the waters of the Gulf of Trieste in an attempt to win the 43rd annual Barcolana Regatta on Oct. 9.
Dubbed the largest single-start regatta in the world, the Regatta attracts thousands of spectators, as hundreds of crews attempt to maneuver through the 16.5-mile course, PR Newswire reports. The event takes place on the second Sunday of October.
This year's winner, the Esimit Europa 2, finished the race in just under an hour. The yacht's crew comprised sailors from six different countries, according to the report.

Also, last night's Bela Fleck show at the Lyric lived up to his legend. Great band.
Piano/ Harmonica— Howard Levy was amazing, as were the Wooten Bros.

An interesting video about the band's new CD, Rocket Science, and the supporting tour on page 2.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back aboard Istaboa

And happy to be...
It wasn't a bad drive, a thousand miles or so, but it did wear on us a bit.
I remember many years ago, (this will make some cringe), we could drive a thousand miles and only stop for fuel. With a cooler of beer and a bucket of fried chicken on the floor board between the seats of my old van, we could drive it non-stop.... set up and do a night's gig in a smokey old rock and roll bar in the middle of nowhere, then catch a few hours sleep and do it all over again.
A long time ago... another life.

Like I said it's good to be back. Upon arriving, we were told that some of our friends from the dock had gone to Occupy Fort Lauderdale.
It's true! Bob and Mary, Jeff and Cathy had made the drive south to participate. Proud of them. They even got their picture in the Sun Sentential.

As evidenced below:
Darn hippies!  These kids today, why don't they get a job instead of just waving signs in the street?
Oh wait, those aren't kids and they're waving signs because no one can find a job...

Anyway... We left Memphis with a mission; to arrive and be rested because tonight is a concert by an extraordinary band at an incredible venue. 
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones @ The Lyric Theatre.
More on page 2.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Something very cool about this...

Had a nice dinner with old friends, Clayton and Deanna, last night, they're in the process of remaking,"Tivoli", their newly acquired N50. It was fun talking boats and old times.
Almost back to Stuart and Istaboa. Looking forward to the show at the Lyric Theater in Stuart. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. More on that later. Next stop... Albany, GA

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ship of faith... now Beacon Won

 Captain Bruce Dunham showing the plans for Beacon Won

A few days ago we did a post about, our friend and fairly benign pirate, Capt. Bruce of the Bahama Star, well it seems there's much more to the story of his soon to be launched vessel than we knew.

The Bangor Daily News published this endearing tale of a man's faith in God and the building of his dream.
Cut from the Bangor Daily News:
ADDISON, Maine — There are times in everyone’s life when patterns emerge, or coincidences become too frequent, or disparate series of events are inexplicably linked. Some raise their eyebrows and call it chance, while others credit divine intervention.
Such is the story of a 65-foot two-masted wooden schooner being built in Addison by a band of volunteers who believe it was destiny that brought them together and their belief in God that will launch their vessel.
 Click the title to read the whole article and hear Capt. Bruce tell his story in a video. I'm sure you'll find it quite interesting, especially for those of us who've had the pleasure of experiencing Bruce.

Volunteers finishing ship inspired by man’s faith in God

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Just Win Baby Win

Sad day for us Raider fans
He was one of the crazy ones that changed the game forever.

Love him or hate him... in his day, he made football way more interesting.
Al Davis died at the age of 82 on October 8, 2011
Good read... 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Glass Beach – The Dump You’ll Want to Visit

Stumbling around the net today, this popped up... Glass Beach in California.

Crew Istaboa has always scoured the rocky shores around our favorite islands foraging for sea glass, but this beach at Fort Bragg on California's Mendocino coast is pretty spectacular; the stuff is everywhere.
Check it out...

Cut from Fort Bragg's official site...

Glass Beach is a unique beach, not because nature made it that way, but because time and the pounding surf have corrected one of man's mistakes. Beginning in 1949, the area around Glass Beach became a public dump. It is hard to imagine this happening today, but back then people dumped all kinds of refuse straight into the ocean, including old cars, and their household garbage, which of course included lots of glass.
By the early sixties, some attempts were made to control what was dumped, and dumping of any toxic items was banned. Finally in 1967, the North Coast Water Quality Board realized what a mistake it was and plans were begun for a new dump away from the ocean.
Now, over 30 years later, Mother Nature has reclaimed this beach. Years of pounding wave action have deposited tons of polished glass onto the beach. You'll still see the occasional reminder of it earlier life, such as a rusted spark plug, but for the most part what you'll see is millions of pieces of glass sparkling in the sun. (As part of MacKerricher State Park, collecting is no longer allowed).
Glass Beach also has a very interesting array of tide pools to explore. Crabs, mollusks, and many aquatic plants make their homes in these ever changing environments. It is very easy to spend your whole day poking aound the tide pools and watching the busy little worlds that go on inside each one.

More pics on page 2.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Return to Rocky Point

And all that goes with it.

So we said our—see ya laters—to all our buds at Sunset Bay and have made way to Memphis.

It's fall in Memphis and the leaves should be starting to turn and if Rocky Point has anything, it has leaves.
It's always nice going home and seeing old friends.

Our back yard at Rocky Point
lots of little deer this time of year

If you're in the mood, there are lots of fall pics on page 2.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sandy Carroll's CD prelease

 Just As I Am

The party's today. The actual release date is Oct 18 and the official release party will be at Huey's in Memphis, but this one is just for friends and we made the cut.
So... a special trip to Pickwick has been cued up. Goin back home.

 Cut from Blues Revue Magazine

Just As She Is…

Just As I Am is Sandy Carroll‘s debut album (due out on October 18) on the Catfood Records label. And quite the album it is.
Carroll has been singing the blues and paying dues for a while now. She headlined at the Lafayette’s Corner club on Beale Street in Memphis when that famed street re-opened in 1983. She has her own note on Beale Street and has released several other well received albums for other labels.

Link to the article here... Just as I am...
Good reveiw... BluesWax Rating: 9
A YouTube video with Sandy, her producer/husband Jim, Huey Lewis, and who's who of legendary Memphis Music artists on page 2.

Saturday, October 1, 2011