Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lobster Season

Apologies for not posting in a while, we've been busy with the wifi project on Wild Tamarind Cay and when not being gear heads, there has been some good fishing and eating going on.
With the threat of TS Emily passing, the marina has been filling up again. During this mid summer season the marina becomes even more international. French, Argentina, German, and Korean folks have come over from Miami to enjoy the great weather we have. English speaking folks are now the minority here.
Most folks think an island in the tropics would be incredibly hot this time of year, but to the contrary, It's very nice. Yes, the sun is hot, but if you stand in the shade, the breeze will keep you very comfortable. Avg. temp... 85.
And its Lobster season!

Jamal Rolle  aka The Lobster King
(notice the sharks in the water)

Jamal, Tucker's son and heir apparent to Compass Cay, has been diving for lobster since he was a child. This time of year is the big payoff for these guys. Lobster brings a good price in Nassau and Jamal knows where to find them.
He's always kind enough to share a few with us. Some we eat fresh and some we will freeze to take back home.
Jamal's not the only one that's been diving for these critter's since childhood. Check out these girls.

The girls are the daughters of our friend Josh and they've grown up doing this every summer for 12 years. They too are quite good at bringing back the bugs, but not only Crawfish.... Check out page 2.