Saturday, March 14, 2009

Two Sides of Nassau Harbor

As you can see... Nassau has no shortage of Mega Yachts. The above picture is of Hurricane Hole Marina with Atlantis in the background. Both of these marinas are very upscale and pricey.

But across the way is where we are tied up. As I said earlier Nassau Harbour Club Marina is a bit funky but cool. It's kinda a shame that the place is so disheveled because they are in a great location. Just across the street is a shopping center with everything one needs and the prices are reasonable. Even diesel was the same price as Fort Lauderdale. The marina staff are very helpful and kind. Peter the Harbor Master is a good fellow and knows how to get things done.

Craig from Boatronix has flown in to solve my Inverter problem. It was actually cheaper for Craig to fly in and bring the part as it was to have it shipped. Plus, Craig could install it. So our big problem got smaller and Craig got to spend a couple of days in the islands. A win-win for everyone. There is a 45% duty that must be paid. Peter explained to us how to manipulate that system a bit to get the part here quickly, so that helped some too.

This morning I got up before dawn and it was raining. Normally not much rain in the Bahamas this time of year and the locals love it. Our old friend Mort from Marathon called this a "Bahamian Boat Wash."

As you can see from the above picture this is a Red Sky Morn. So should we stay or should we go on down to the Exumas today as planned? Guess it's time to study weather and charts to find out.

Adios... Bamba yay