Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Appears they weren't exagerating...

Lower Manhattan after the blackout.

Of course, there were some beautiful and sensational photos that turned out incredible, but photoshopped. This one went big viral.

...and this one was floating around out there, but it's from one of the end of the world movies... The Day After Tomorrow.

But this cataclysm is real... such a shame, "Oh the Humanity!"

Things must really be bad if "The" Donald's hair was mussed.

We watched David Letter do his show to an empty house last night, heard Jimmy Fallon did the same.

We heard from old buddy Pete and he's doing fine in Baltimore. Reported 35 knot winds, but not too bad. He sent me a picture he took of the HMS Bounty that sunk off Cape Hatteras. 
Don't understand why the Captain allowed her to be caught in a hurricane that close to port. It was reported that he was trying to run around it... guess not. Whatever his reason, it cost him his life as well as a crewman and his ship. Very sad.

Taken off Pete's balcony that overlooks Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

It's a horrible disaster and it seems Sandy did exceed expectations. What a mess and what havoc this will create for some time to come, we haven't seen the worse yet.

Guess there was a wolf this time...



Pic O' the Day

Bellhaven, NC... Dowry Creek Marina. A beautiful sunrise. Red skies at morn are not so worrisome  on the intercoastal, man are they red.