Friday, June 5, 2015

Finally! We Toss the Bowlines

Enough of the house projects for a while — now it's back to our true love; floating and traveling aboard Istaboa... It's been a while.
It felt good to crank up and head out to sea, even if only for a short run offshore to Ft Lauderdale.

Today was a bit of a shake out cruise to see how the adds and changes we've made played out in real life; everything worked as it should.
Our old pal Craig came along as he's the fellow who implemented these modifications.
Some will remember Craig from the Boatronix days back in Tennessee. He's now home in Ft Lauderdale.

So now we're tied up at Bahia Mar marina, amongst all the real yachts of Lauderdale, looking for a weather window to head to the islands. Maybe Exumas, maybe Abacos, maybe both, maybe somewhere we've never been.

Like —

The weather's the deciding factor because Istaboa's loaded with full tanks of fuel and we've got all we need, including time.

We'll see...