Monday, August 12, 2013

Today's Run

Not a long run... not a fun run... but not bad at all.
Not much net so we're short on content.

This area is a bit strange, a huge ship just passed by. Maybe 50' from our beam where we're tied up at a little marina in Chesapeake City.
Schaefer's Canal House Marina...
They're just restarting an old marina and working really hard to make it go. Nice folks.



Ego Alley

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon... doesn't that look fun?

"Ego Alley" in Annapolis is a small, narrow waterway that leads to the heart of the city.  It got it's name from the endless parade of boats and yachts that traverse this dead end canal, usually only to see and be seen.

Today's Pics

Been quite busy for a couple of transients. We've ran into folks we have seen in a while, met new friends, and made the best out of our 5 days in Annapolis.

Saturday night with Josh, our Compass Cay buddy, and dinner last night again with Pete.
We've really been having a blast here, but it's time to go.

Got a couple of good pics of the boys and a really nice one of Mel and Mud in there natural position.

Radar's hair still hasn't grown back... looks like a receding hairline... kinda like mine.