Saturday, May 3, 2014

Movin' On

Another opportunity has surfaced so we're leaving Legacy Harbour to head back up north toward Sarasota.

But, before leaving... We ventured into downtown Ft. Myers to the 86 Room; which on this night was an excellent Jazz Club. Featured vocalist: Lynn Richardson.
Lynn is Eric's wife and over the years he's told me his wife was a good singer — she's not just good, she's truly a remarkable vocalist, the woman sings like a bell.

We stuck around for a couple of sets and enjoyed Lynn and the band.

Good jazz done right. 

The 86 Room is an old bar that's been brought back and they've done it without trashing it's character.

The decor, the old Charlie Chaplin silent movie, the music, it all fit nicely.

We could make this a habit when in Ft Myers. 

The players are a trio of accomplished Jazz vets. They're also nice folks. 

Downtown Ft Myers is a damn eclectic place. I saw three young fellows in costume, goofing down the street, they were a knock off of the Three Stooges, the waitress at the 86 Room appeared to have just stepped off the stage of Rocky Horror Picture Show, and we've seen a Jesus impersonator walking about on a couple of occasions.

Great band, Great music, an extraordinary night.

So, movin' on.

One of those "Red Skies Mornings" 
Should've never untied

We left Legacy with a falling tide which gave us a knot of speed. I noticed the winds were a bit puffier than forecast, but we eased along at 9knts heading for Boca Grande Pass.

Our plan was to try and take what the locals call the, "Sneaky Pete" cut out of the pass which would save us 45 minutes or so, but when we looked at the seas we deemed it too unsettled to try. It's shallow and there's little margin for error. 
So we headed out Boca Grande with a head sea that was a bit rolly, then a bit rollier, then quickly evolved into a full tilt bull ride. To add to the excitement, Boca Grande has shoaled in quite a bit and the marked channel took us into comfortable 40' depths, followed by some uneasy < 9' depths.
At one point I saw 2' under the boat as we were riding over 6' rollers. Breathtaking!
Should've taken Sneaky Pete.
Looking back now... that's two should'ves on a day we shouldn't have.

We forgot the Gulf of Mexico must be respected, but we quickly remembered the tall/sharp/mean rollers she can deal you.
We had a Nordhavn day—Istaboa's a great boat.
After a while, we turned north, putting the southerly seas on our stern and easily surfed all the way up to Venice.

After the bull ride, the following seas were a respite. We made it into Venice just before a storm so we decided to tie up at the Crow's Nest for the night and wait for more settled weather.

Today will bring Sarasota and Longboat Key.

A better day, we hope.