Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Waking early to prepare for the run to Daytona, we caught a nice sun up over Port Canaveral as a cruise ship eased by.

For us, thankfully, Colin wasn't much more than a rainy day. (We love rainy days) I've heard reports of some flooding on the panhandle, but not the storm we were being presented. No complaining though.

We were in Daytona when all the news types first became excited about the approaching storm.  Tied up on the outside of Loggerhead Marina Daytona, exposed, we thought it smart to pitch off lines and make the short hop to Palm Coast Marina.

Palm Coast is a nice protected little marina, one of the onSpot marinas, and the folks here couldn't be friendlier. They love dogs!

Only downside... At night we hear a weird creaking noise somewhere within the boat; starting at the stern and slowly moving forward. After much investigating, we figure it must be a Manatee munching on something under the boat. What ever it is, it does it's thing for a couple of hours and moves on.

Colin? He's for the folks around Cape Hatteras to worry about now. Hope they're as lucky as we were.