Friday, August 24, 2012

A Good Night

Tonight we caught up with our old buddies from Compass, Bart and Natalia, had dinner at Hog Snappers, and it was excellent. Later we went to a quiet little bistro for a nightcap. It was a lot of fun to hang out with them in an environment other than Compass Cay's. We had a great time reminiscing and laughing about our times on island.

After getting back to the boat, the light show was very cool.  It's the outer edges of TS Isaac. The winds have picked up and our whole tie up configuration turned out to be rather loose. The lines tend to stretch when they get wet so I went out to readjust... in the wind and rain. The pups came along for whatever reason and it fired-em-up, I think Muddy actually liked it, I think Radar came along just to keep a eye on me.
I wish I had some pics to show you, but I don't feel like doing photography in the rain after a few drinks.
So imagine this... (an exaggeration) 
The wind has really picked up, the sky's flashing like strobes from all directions, thunder's rolling around and sounds like the bombing of London in an old WW2 movie, and the boat is-a-rockin to beat the band.  This is just the beginning of this storm and it's good that we can spot our weaknesses now vs in the real shit, if, the real storm ever arrives. We hope this is as bad as it gets, but we think it's prudent to expect worse and prepare for it.

All in all it was a nice night. We really enjoyed hanging out with Bart and Nat and we're finding the Jupiter area to be a lot of fun... Great Restaurants!
The weather is adding a little drama, (we hope it's just fun), making the night even more interesting.
So let's see what tomorrow brings.

Here's to Life!



Disclaimer: Been drinking so maybe an edit tomorrow.

We're almost outta the cone!

Or so say Tampa Bay's Storm Team 8. Of course their forecast may be a bit skewed as they hope for a successful Republican National Convention, but most forecasts are saying similar things.

Tampa Bay Online has a good hurricane tracking tool. Here's the link...

We're slowly tying lines and trying to figure how best to fender up. Though there's no big hurry, it could still be quiet a blow.

I'm hoping for a non-event.