Monday, June 13, 2011

NBA Playoffs with a boatload of Texans and a singing dog.

Codi and Amber were both bartenders in their past lives and someone threw down a challenge for Chocolate-Chili Martinis in celebration of the Dallas win. They rose to the occasion.

The folks over here are always looking for a reason to party. Last night it was the playoffs, tonight, I'm the excuse. Actually it started last night at midnight with a surprise and slightly slurry chorale of Happy Birthday after the NBA final game was over. Had too damn many Texans aboard.
Even Sugar the poodle joined in. (Sugar had the best voice of all....looking at the picture, Radar was appalled)
Yup... it's my birthday. Not much of a birthday party kind of fellow, but tonight it's my turn.

Somehow I've managed to survive 59 of these birthdays. Still got all my fingers and toes... A few less brain cells and a lot less hair though.

We had a great time and I'm sure tonight will be fun as well.