Wednesday, June 10, 2015

2 Runs And The Berrys

Happily, there's not much to report regarding the run across the Gulf Stream. A bit chunky and wet's about all.

For those who watched our progress online, you probably noticed our wandering course. Maybe, "wondering course", is a better descriptor as we did change our minds and the day's destination several times. But in the end we settled on Cat Cay as a place to check-in. Customs and Immigrations offices are onsite making the process a simple task.

Mel went about the paperwork as I desalted Istaboa. Pizza for dinner at the only restaurant on the island then early to bed... early to rise.

In proper conditions, Cat can present a nice sunrise.

So, after more plan changes, on the fly, we pieced together a route across the bank to Great Harbour in The Berrys.

Mel had read good things on ActiveCaptain about Great Harbour and she wanted to experience it. I wanted to make it to Nassau and the Exumas so we could stop for a while.

Here we are in The Berrys.

As usual, Mel was right. It seems to be an interesting little island group and the marina's great. It kinda reminds us of the Abacos back years ago. The first restaurant we tried was just up the hill at the marina. Rocky Hill served us fresh pan fried Snapper that was truly fine. The marina here is surprisingly nice and has, (they're probably the only marina in the Bahamas offering), Free Internet. It's not incredibly fast, but it's fairly consistent and because of the huge Batelco tower at the marina we have strong cell service also. So, I guess we're back on the technology chain.

We've stopped in The Berrys before but never explored, just anchored out for a night then continued on to Cat or Florida. I think we'll like it here for a few days. And, the weather appears to be deteriorating which means we'll have time to find out.

This morning, as I look out the window at mirror like seas, I realize that today would've been a good day to run. But...  sometimes you just have to stop and smell the proverbial roses — and God knows we have a nose for roses.

So we shall.