Thursday, August 29, 2013

Todays Pics: Dinkin' to Downtown

We've been pushing water out of our way for pretty much 2 months now and I've become kinda wooly over that time.
So, like I do wherever we are and I need a haircut; I Google, "The best men's haircut", and use the  Zip Code of the town we're tied up in.
Yelp produced the most reviews and the highest rated was Capistrano's Barber Shop in Downtown Annapolis.
It's almost impossible to find a place to park a car in Downtown so — off I go in the dink; across the Severn River, into Spa Creek, down Ego Alley, and tie it up at the Downtown dingy dock.

Downtown Annapolis as I've said before... is very old and well preserved. And, overrun by tourist this time of year.

These places were frequented by our country's founding fathers... In my mind, I can see George Washington and Ben Franklin walking up Compromise St. and stopping at Middleton's for a brew or two.

Cut from the Middleton Tavern web site.
Middleton Tavern was host to a galaxy of the nation's most revered leaders during the period following the American Revolution. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were numbered among its prominent patrons.
More history here... History
Did you know Annapolis was the temporary Capital of the United States of America in 1783?

I ask Siri, directions to Capistrano's, and she gave me the scenic route... but she took me right to it.

An old school Barbershop.

And now, I'm not quite so shaggy... Neat place and the young barber proudly gave me the old school barbershop treatment. Hot lather on the neck and some manly smelling stuff that slicked my hair down. I walked out looking fresh and smellin' like I did when I was a kid after a 'Pre-Beatles' hair cut at Helm's barbershop in West Memphis. No bubble gum though.

Then I got back into the dink and blew it all away.

Nice haircut.... My big adventure for the day... It was fun.