Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

A bit belated, but seems we Americans have turned it into a weekend.
Yesterday we took the pups over to the Pelican Cafe for a lunch of Corned Beef and Cabbage. Flagler Park was very crowded with vendors selling any and everything green. Green Popcorn? Folks were having fun waiting for the big parade which we didn't stick around for.

Green Champagne?
Speaking of Flagler Park.... a few days ago we were walking the dogs in the park, off the leashes, because it's not ever crowded and such a nice clean park. Muddy was walking next to me and Radar was still within his 100' perimeter of comfort. (Radar never strays far from our side.) All of a sudden I see a little Yorkie running full blast on course for Muddy. Radar also sees this and before the Yorkie gets too close, Radar has intercepted him and letting him know to leave the little one alone. We found it interesting that even though Radar still refuses to allow Muddy to get close to him and he pretends to hate the little guy... He was first to protect him. Reminded me of my big brother... when I was a little kid he would take up for me only to turn around and smack me.
The Yorkie incident turned out to be a non event and all the dogs got along just fine, but out of the side of my eye I see a lady staring at us with a look of outrage. I figure this is just my imagination and we all walk on. Then this lady starts screaming at us to, "put those dogs on the leash." 
I think she's kidding, but now she's really becoming animated and still screaming. Now she's saying, "those dogs are dangerous, it's a state law!"
I look at this lady like she's nuts and tell her, "it's okay there good little dogs, they won't hurt you."
She won't have it and continues to scream. So after an exchange of views, we walk away with the dogs still unleashed.
On the way back through the park, now we have leashed the pups, we pass a couple of young fellows who tell us they confronted the women and told her she was, and I quote,  "A crazy bitch". Then we pass a crew of city workers setting up for St. Paddy's day and they tell us the same thing. They say we can walk our nice little dogs off the leash in their park any time we want. "That batty old woman must have forgotten to take her meds today." is what one fellow said.
This cracked us up. Free the puppies!


It seems a lot of our friends from the West Coast of FL are running across the Lake.
We had dinner with Rick and Dep... Crew Broulee. It was nice catching up with them. Their plans are similar to ours so we will probably see them again along the way.
The next day Donnie and Marilyn with Cloe showed up to meet the new pup. They're heading over to Port Lucaya for a month or so. Also nice to see them again.

Waiting on the new A/C that Cruisair is giving us under-warranty. It's been a bit hot, but not too bad. Still, it'll be nice to have A/C in the salon.

So that's about it for now...