Saturday, January 22, 2011

Where the Hell is Matt?

Sadly, we take our good friend Peter back to the airport today. Crew Istaboa has really enjoyed his company.
Pete, we hope for you a speedy and complete recovery... Until next time, Adios.

So now we are poring over weather prediction sites and wave heights in the Gulf Stream. We're starting to feel the itch to put some blue water under Istaboa.

Came across this little YouTube and thought some of you may not have seen it. It will make you smile.
Chances are you have viewed it; it has had over 34 million hits.
We apologize to our cruising buddies in the islands where internet bandwidth is slim to none. But, Hey!... You guys should be enjoying the island life and not surfing the net. So we don't feel too bad.
For you lucky souls out there anchored out from some remote little island, open a cold Kalik or Redstripe and let the video buffer up. It will make you smile even more.

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