Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Back in the water...

On the way over to Ft. Myers we stopped at River Forest Yachting Center in Moore Haven, FL for the night. While there we were offered a deal on a bottom job we just couldn't turn down. About half the price we normally pay to have it done.
The folks here at River Forest have been great. Not only did we get a great price, they way over delivered on service. Never have we had such a good experience at a boat yard.

They had it back in the water right on schedule. Even went the extra mile and bead blasted the shaft and spurs.

Looks like new...

Just for the fun of it... they painted the thruster shaft to look like an eye. The painters said if we come back, next time they would really get creative.

This is the first time in our boating life that we have left a boatyard happy. No unexpected charges and nothing but superb service. The way it should be done. Here's a link to River Forest Yachting Center.

I did some video, and will post it later, of the boat being placed back in the water that will show off the yard and equipment. Impressive.

It's so good to be home.
Tomorrow we run back across Lake Okeechobee to Stuart then we'll really be back home.




  1. This is the first time in our boating life that we have left a boatyard happy.>>> Great endorsement. Just found and am now following your blog. Thanks.

  2. It's amazing how bad service can be in the boat biz. It's good to hear a good report.

  3. Yes it is amazing... Service can be a bitch. Even if you get a quote things usually change at invoice time.

  4. Those bulbous bows can become very colorful! We painted flames on ours and the dolphins love it. It's so fun to check in on you from time to time. Looks like your enjoying yourselves.

  5. Yeah, I saw that on your blog... looks good. We have friends with a 50 in RI who had painted teeth. Like the old Flying Tigers WWII planes.
    You guys really look like you're having fun. Keep it up.

  6. Bob and Melonie...thanks for the great comments about us here at River Forest Yachting Center. It was great to meet you and hope your travels find us again. Give Radar a pat - I'll save treats for his next visit. Have fun always!
    Jean McGrath
    Office Manager